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This social media fad will ruin organization development

Social media is the most important communication and collaboration tool since the smoke signal.

The organization development world has been invaded by social media. The organization development profession is in a, social media, world of trouble because social media delivers all the intended qualities of OD, but more organic, more genuine, and more impressive community results than OD has ever been accepted to do.

When evaluating social media, it is time to move beyond fight, flight, or friend.

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Scope or: how to manage projects for organization success; impact analysis template

An impact analysis is an early-phase assessment to identify all stakeholders, their needs, their awareness, and their insight into the project – these people are not only sponsors and customers, but the people you want to invite people into the change. Involvement impacts success.

Just like a pebble tossed into a pond, projects cause ripples that carry beyond the initial splash. Projects sponsors who fail to link the change a project has to people, process, and technology risk project success and project adoption.

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Organization sabotage and the butterfly effect

To run a team, manage a group, or lead an organization means you line people up yell, “ready, steady, go” and we folk hum along without need, guidance, motivation, communication, or care for anyone but the organization.

The reason a professional might call for an organization intervention comes from the feeling of organization sabotage.

Something is wrong.

Someones needs help.

We need to intervene.

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Scope or: how to manage projects for organization success, part 1

To deliver what someone expects, when someone expects, and the price someone agrees to requires an ability to define scope.

When a project fails, resources are lost and organization pressure increases. The more projects that fail the more resistant people are to associate with, work on, or fund new projects.

This is a first in a series of scope and project management blogs and templates to improve project delivery with a set of tools and principles to understand and manage project scope, from impact assessment through stakeholder communication.

The Who, generation, 12 tips to bridge the generation gap

12 tips to bridge the generation gap

This is the first time in American history that four generations are working together.

Baby Boomers actually have quite a bit in common with Gen X’ers or Echo Boomers, particularly because they gave birth to them and Gen Y probably knew them as siblings.

Guest blogger Michele Simos offers a simple solution to getting all of the generations on the same page.