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Forget what you learned

That training program you endured was a waste of time. Forget what you learned. Just take a day and you already forgot the majority. Even worse, the training program you deliver is a waste of time. The reason: we have an incredible ability to forget. I want to challenge you to forget what you learned about training and learning. Focus on forgetting, in this case the help I offer is the Forgetting Curve. Not only do we have an incredible ability to forget, within 20 minutes we forget 40% of the subject or skill just reviewed. One day later, within 24 hours, we forget 60%. Imagine those knowledge transfer efforts you are part of. Imagine those train the trainer facades that involve you. Imagine those one-way corporate training lectures you suffer through. Useless. All useless, with 20 minutes 40% useless, within …

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The 2 most important learning metrics

CEOs care about learning programs. To gain more executive-level interest, guess what learning and development folks? CEOs want metrics. Give them learning metrics. The learning metrics you may have collected and reported on might need adjustment to become important to an executive. The organization challenge that leader’s need to recognize is that an organization’s ability to learn and to adapt is the only source of competitive advantage. Development professionals only gain stature in the business environment when they meet and plan business solutions. The ROI Institute and Chief Learning Officer magazine have a study recap that should provide a clearer map of our worth. The targets of this survey were CEOs at Fortune 500 companies and the top 50, privately held firms. From this population 450 firms received a survey and 95 firms, 21%, responded. Quick hits: 4% of CEOs avoid learning and development …

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The project management SharePoint

Projects that understand what existed and what exists are both efficient and effective.

SharePoint has an incredibly rich out-of-the-box capability, but too many times the project team does not know what is capable with SharePoint.

With these self-paced, training links provide an overview of what could be to collaborate, search, publish, and file.

Project portals need to meet user objective, not IT administrator needs. More people should reject the SharePoint designer, not the SharePoint capability.

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Social media strategy review for Project Management Institute — New York

Yesterday worked with Project Management Institute New York City chapter in an all-day retreat with focus on communication and collaboration.

Offsite objectives included how the chapter shares events and activities that improve community persona need.

The presentation is included within and was used for discussion on integrated communication and what social media support might look like.

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Social Media in an Agile World

Very pleased to present at Project Management Institute New York City chapter on Agile social media. Longtime PMI volunteer, Steve Nosal, and myself presented Agile project management methods as a perfect blend to create and manage social media impact. Agile social media presented a great opportunity to formalize some thoughts from my Lean into social media post and present to a very active and engaged community. Agile Social Media Agile project management puts the customer at the center of the effort, relies on rapid prototyping, and transparency. Social media feedback, testing, and measurements are Agile project methods. User stories rely on persona methods. Many thanks to PMINYC for the invitation. You can download Adobe Acrobat or PowerPoint version just below.  To view presentation within this site, scroll past. Download my PowerPoint version to review my page notes for more detailed notes and sources. View below.  Invite me to speak at your event.

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Fast Start — The Importance of Agility

Fast Start conversation:  People who operate and respond in an ambiguous environment today provide the greatest organization, comparative advantage. The competency to thrive is agility and this agility skill, more than at any other time in organization history, differentiates those getting better from those getting worse. When put in an unfamiliar situation, people with agility are not stumped.  They do not fall apart.  People who are agile are ones willing and eager to learn new things.  This learning agility differentiates the successful and the unsuccessful and within Human Resources Executive’s article, The Importance of Agility, agility as a competence is the in focus. Those committed to life-long learning are no longer leading by example and being an Agile learner usurps that.  We tend to hear of Agile project management, but what of Agile self-development?  Agile learning agility has five key elements: Self-awareness, Mental …

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Community persona reaction for functional design

We design constantly. Our emails, training courses, project plans, policies, programs, surveys, business cases, strategies, facilitations, we are in a constant state of craft, create, model, test, build, and repair.

Whatever the intent, to take a concept from intention to adoption relies less on what you design and more on how you design.

A community persona perspective measures functional communication design success and reaction to how you design is the feedback loop of how people accept your design.

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The value of training on trial

Our ability to become, or remain, relevant comes down to an ability to adapt. To adapt means to learn and an ability to learn is an organization’s top priority in the final frontier of competitive advantage. The value of training becomes an organization advantage. Any item that can not show direct business impact finds their way onto an organization’s chopping block. The strategic ability to train and to educate and the value of training on trial. Who’s job is it to show the direct link training has to top-line growth as well as bottom-line results: training designers, training coordinators, training providers, training contractors, and training programs Every dollar invested in training is a dollar taken from elsewhere. And the business project portfolio has an expected return. The need for training to produce an ROI means our concept of ROI needs to include both …

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How social media trumps marketing — presentation for Project Management Institute

Today was a privilege to present to the Project Management Institute. Full slides available to view and download below. Also a Community Persona worksheet template is available to download and customize. The discussion is how to use social media marketing, particular for volunteer organizations with local chapter reach. The overview includes: How to identify your community persona needs, Find the communities to mingle in conversations where you engage, share thoughts, and provide answers, Short-list the free tools to engage, create, measure, and monitor, and Launch and manage social media in non-profit or volunteer resources The tips are equally valid for anyone interested in the launch and management of a social media presence for ROI — Return on Involvement. Information and Communication — How Social Media Trumps Marketing presentation Download PowerPoint version How social media trumps marketing.pptx Review presentation embed below through slideshare. …

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Fast Start — CFOs’ Top Five Priorities

Fast Start conversation:  A Chief Financial Officer’s life is always top-line growth and bottom-line results. You may be forgiven if that is what you were led to believe. However there is, like most things, more going on in a CFO’s world if you just ask. Fortunately, the Wall Street Journal asked for a CFOs’ top 5 priorities: Get Culture and Talent Right Corporate Tax Reform Cash Flow is King CFOs as Innovators Refocus Education Investment Their list was ranked in order of urgency and importance, which surprised you the most? In a follow-up Fast Start, seems talent and culture take a hit from the CFO.

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Small business web design review, principles to meet promise

I interact with lots of folks who ask that I review their website and suggest changes.  Many people are well-intentioned to join social media or build a site as a marketing outlet to promote themselves, their business, their thoughts, their organization, or their community.  This does not always meet web design need:  the need to meet other’s objectives. There are many tools available to launch an manage a quick website. There are many companies that offer to build you a site. However, I get many site owners tell me they unsatisfied with the look of their site or the results of their efforts.  Form follows function, not the other way around. Do I Know Web Design? Since the mid-90s I’ve designed websites and portals.  To learn the basics to build a site my boss had me write web pages with a …

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Social Media: Fight, Flight, or Friend — organization development presentation

Below, my slides from today’s Shifting Role of Organization Development in Business Conference in St. Louis. To view presentation within this site, scroll below the 2 slides.  You can download Adobe Acrobat or PowerPoint version just below. Many thanks, once again, for the St. Louis Organization Development Network invitation and their efforts bringing the community together. Download my PowerPoint version to review my page notes for more detailed notes and sources. View on SlideShare and more to come from day’s fantastic conversations.

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Root cause and critical path, that’s organization development

What is organization development? Yes organization development: Training and Leadership development and Coaching and Performance management and Change management and Communications and Organization design and Competency models and Strategic planning and really so much more It is almost more confusing than helpful to really say what organization development is. This challenge spills over when I am to bring organization development with me to look at a performance management plan, but told not to touch incentives, coaching, or talent development. Or asked to provide change management, but not allowed to meet with the top of the house to identify communication points or told not to touch skills-gap analysis, training, or performance management. When I look at an organization, a department, a team, or an individual, I see each in a frame of the system they work within.  The general characteristics of a …