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Our big letdown with leaders

A good piece in Sunday’s Boston Globe Ideas section reveals we human beings disappoint easily. And if we are easy to disappoint we are acutely set up for big letdowns from leaders all around us. However, our big leader letdown and disappointment we feel may really have more to do with us then the leaders themselves. Here are a bucket of paraphrased quotes and article take-aways: Disappointment and regret are distinct emotions, triggered by different sorts of events and motivating us to act in different ways. Being disappointed with a person feels different from being disappointed with an outcome, and the difference demands a different response. Research suggests that the counterfactual, what might-have-been if different decisions had been made, different policies pursued, or different politicians elected, grows increasingly positive in memory. This then sets us up for future disappointment. Regret is triggered when we think our …

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The cost of culture, a 50% turnover of the Fortune 500

If companies were built to last, than 4 of 10, almost 50%, would still remain on the the Fortune 500 a mere 10 years later.

Sustained success has less to do with market forces than company values; less to do with competitive position than personal beliefs; less to do with resource advantages than vision. Sustained success has to do with managing culture.

Organization change without an awareness of what drives the organization’s culture may be the reason close to 90% of all projects fail.

Culture is key to remain great.