Talent score report brought to you by your credit agency

How’s your credit score?

Perhaps I could ask another way, how accurate is your credit score?

Perhaps another way, how accurate is your credit score in assessing your talent, management, or leadership potential?

According to Equifax, their internal assessments “directly aligns human resources to overall organization goals” and you can read about it here:  Talent Score Report – Talent Management

The article is a good read.  But here’s hoping Equifax doesn’t market a talent score product that’s as poorly a constructed mix of irrelevant algorithms as their credit score reports.  We’ve seen the current credit score system has replaced a host of decisions people used to make and this has not led us down a good path, as our recent economy has proven.

These reports aren’t just used by your friendly-neighborhood lending agencies, but insurance companies and your utilities and it seems these organizations rely on scores to take responsible and decision-making away from people.

We need accountability to make a comeback in talent management.

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