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The bully in the corner office

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Bully? I say! That bugs me!

I challenge myself to write blogs that might start a conversation either leading to change or to sustain what is working.

I want to present an idea to provide a spark for action or follow-through. Anyone can come up with an idea, that’s easy, the hard part is to take an idea into implementation.

My goal is that you come to rely on blogs that are compelling, concise, and provide nuggets in exchange for the time you took to read the blog.

I enjoy writing about leadership for two reasons:

  1. Share skills top leaders rely on to motivate people
  2. Communicate symptoms or patterns of poor leadership

If you are part of an organization with strong leadership you know that a leader, at some point, has to tell someone something they don’t want to hear.

A good leader communicates with that person in an honest, empathetic way. This discussion leaves little doubt about who is accountable and what outcome is expected.

The conversation may irritate the recipient for a couple days and they may not agree with the leader, but there is no doubt remaining after the conversation. A leader does not avoid these hard conversations.

A leader will never identify an issue and ask that someone else have the tough conversation for them. A leader knows teams and individuals need feedback and need follow-through if they are to ever develop trust and continue to be a motivated contributor.

I Say, Office Bully

If you are in an organization that does not show this type of leadership, I offer my leadership blogs as a way to realize, no, you are not crazy. The leaders you are around are leaders in name only. They are not leaders, but bullies.

No, you have not gone down the rabbit hole, leadership is a rare commodity.

There are standards at some organization where an absence of leadership drives bully behavior.

Many organizations neither know how to build leaders nor have the desire to cultivate leaders. It is more likely the organization you belong to manages leadership with politically-correct, lip service, if leadership is managed at all.

If you identify that your organization is full of bullies, not leaders, you have at least 4 options:

  1. stay and hope for change,
  2. dumb down your expectations,
  3. join in, or
  4. look for an opportunity where leaders work

There are organizations that excel in the development and cultivation of leaders. Finding another job is never easy, but if you look, there are companies you can find where you will thrive.

At these organizations, if you are willing to work hard, they value diversity and hold themselves accountable to provide opportunities for your success, provide consistent feedback, and will back you up, even when you make a mistake. Their culture is a culture of development, not punishment.

Bully, Corner Office

When you find the right organization your motivation is constantly topped-off and charged.

Some words of warning: you may discover at your new organization that your work has turned into passion.

After all, most of us are at work for longer hours than we are with the people we love and choose to be with. Work can be energizing.

Blogs about leadership are the most challenging for me to write. While it is easy to present leadership symptoms, I continue to wonder if it is wise to present blog-related prescriptions.

I look forward to your continued comments as they help me develop blogs you find more valuable.

Some resources on leadership cultures and best places to work:

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