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The Great Spare-Time Revolution

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Free time, spare time, where to find time.

Here’s a staggering thought for those who feel they have no spare time: ¬†estimates¬†for all those¬†Wikipedia articles, edits, and arguments about articles and edits come to¬†around 100, million hours of human labor.

100 million hours!

Where do people find that time for a, as any economist might suggest, a seemingly, unpaid and thankless endeavor?

But wait, hold that a moment¬†… an even more staggering endeavor: ¬†Americans watch about 200, billion hours of TV a year.

Where, oh where, to find that time?

Motivation = Surplus Time

I gleaned those above¬†bits from¬†Wired Magazine’s¬†interview¬†Cognitive Surplus: The Great Spare-Time Revolution¬†that talks¬†Daniel Pink’s latest book: ¬†Drive:¬† The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us¬†and Clay Shirky¬†latest¬†book: ¬†Cognitive Surplus:¬† Creativity and Generosity in a Connected Age.

If the above quotes on spare time¬†don’t prompt a scratch of the chin and¬†motivation to read the article, what about:

When someone buys a TV, the number of consumers goes up by one, but the number of producers stays the same.

When someone buys a computer or mobile phone, the number of consumers and producers both increase by one.

If you want to know about motivation, I can sum it up:  people are motivated by internal desires; their internal desires.

There is nothing you can do to change that. ¬†Threats won’t work for long and money doesn’t drive everyone.

So, tap into what motivates each and every person and you are on your way to manage and lead others … effectively.

It is not meant to sound simple, but like the G.I. Joe T.V. show said, “now you know; and knowing is half the battle”.

Daniel Pink, Drive, Toby Elwin, motivation
Clay Shirky, Toby Elwin, Cognitive Surplus, creativity
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