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Tony Kmetty, Partner, The Hunting Territory Consulting

“I have had the privilege of interacting with Toby in a variety of capacities…first as the Director of his MBA program, then as a colleague as we launch a professional services consulting firm and through the years as a friend and sounding board as he worked with consulting firms and intelligence agencies.

“His diverse background is a clear indicator of his ability to contribute and prosper in numerous sectors from Higher Education to government to corporate. Toby carries himself with a contagious, yet realistic optimism and is able to adapt himself and his team as the need arises.

“During his MBA studies, Toby was instrumental in establishing the university’s Student Board in order to have the students properly represented between them, the faculty and administration, which had not existed previously and has since become an integral part of the university by-laws. While after graduation, he remained an active alumnus even to the point of organizing high-level meetings on our campus with corporate executive from an American company considering establishing operations in Central Europe.

“I have currently been working with Toby as my consulting firm is transforming to a small to a medium sized organization. His knowledge of both traditional and social media marketing as well as the practical utilization of Emotional Intelligence is trend setting and helping our firm rethink how we approach and obtain new clients. Toby has a unique ability to interact with extremely varying groups of people.

“When he was the Managing Director of the Arctic Group, I saw how he was comfortable engaging in conversations with government officials and corporate leaders. People are naturally drawn to him and he welcomes the opportunity to meet and cooperate with people from any culture, profession and background.

“Toby will easily become a valuable asset with any organization and is willing to make the difficult decisions that are needed to succeed in today’s challenging environment.”

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