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Age of Product:
Presented by Sefan Wolpers this is "Food for Agile Thought", to include downloads, webinars, videos, and a hand-curated newsletter that, in the United States, arrives every Sunday and starts my week on a high note of possibility.
The Practicing IT Project Manager:
Weekly roundup of interesting content for the IT project manager. Curated by Dave Gordon, this is a good resource for a resource for project managers, program managers, business analysts, and portfolio managers.
A More Beautiful Question:
The power of inquiry to spark breakthrough ideas – from author, columnist, and speaker Warren Berger.
Positivity Strategist:
Robyn Stratton-Berkessel mission is to enable people, whoever they are, to elevate and amplify the collective capacity in their organizations and communities, so that everyone feels empowered as co-creators of their own futures.
Authentic Organizations:
CV Harquail is a change advocate on organization relationship between identity, actions, and purpose and social technologies in the workplace that drive organizational change.
Project Management:
A collection of articles, covering the whole process to manage a project, from project initiation to project closure, including all the necessary templates, and written by one or more elite project managers.
Eight to Late:
Kailash Awati co-wrote a fantastic book, The Heretic’s Guide to Best Practices, his blog covers social aspects of projects, organizational theory; dialogue mapping; risk analysis; estimation; and probability with a flair for humor.
The Human Workplace:
Reinventing work for people, this blog supports an idea, a mindset, and a set of practices led by founder Liz Ryan.
HR Capitalist:
Writings in and around the HR scene with business impact in mind, written by Kris Dunn, Chief Human Resources Officer. Blogging for community and ideas.
User Interface Engineering:
Jared Spool presents the art and clear science behind design and the human element trumping technical misalignment; form follows function is making a comeback.
Making Training Stick:
Barbara Carnes, PhD writes on how to make training stick and advice for learning and development business strategies.
Vivek Wadhwa:
An entrepreneur turned academic, visiting Scholar at UC-Berkeley, Director of Research for the Center for Entrepreneurship and Research Commercialization at Duke University, and Senior Research Associate for Labor and Worklife Program at Harvard Law School.
Melissa Perri – Product & UX:
Terrific thoughts around product strategy, user experience (UX) design, and Lean startup methods through ProdUX Labs.
Please recommend blogs you read and why you read them in the "Add your thoughts" comments section below. I would love to expand my thoughts.

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