Toby Elwin, kindle, book, bookshelf, ereader, Amazon, book reading list This page shares a current book reading list that I draw organization talent, change, and design thoughts from history through economics.

This reading list has links to Amazon Associates for further details. Some books are made available through NetGalley who collaborate with authors and publishers to read, review, and help promote upcoming releases.

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Books in Rotation:

  1. Traction - Get a Grip on Your Business by Gino Wickman
  2. Against Empathy by Paul Bloom
  3. Fix that Business by John Wiig
  4. Think Faster, Talk Smarter by Matt Abrahams
  5. Fortune's Children - The Fall of the House of Vanderbilt by Arthur T. Vanderbilt II

Recent Book Reading List:

The Reader Experience

I rarely find the mood to just stick with a single topic in a single book. I tend to let an idea sink in or germinate then come out in a blog or within another site's comment.

BOOX Launches Note Air3 C - My TabletMy reader is the Boox Tablet Note Air3 C. This is a color e-ink reader, note-taker, and all-around weapon of choice.

I moved on from an Amazon Kindle brand when hand-writing and notebooks caught up with color e-ink. Boox devices offer ways to highlight, add notes, and annotate, as well as hand-writing recognition.

Amazon's Kindle app is free for a host of platforms. I read multiple books at once because I jump from insight to insight as well as need to need. I highlight and take a lot of notes and might read a chapter two or three times.

The ability to store, view, retrieve, and print highlights with your Amazon profile and to view highlights with others, helps writing and presentation creation. I am a Kindle format enthusiast to manage my eBooks from Amazon, NetGalley, or free from local libraries.

Professional Reader, Toby Elwin, NetGalley, helping books succeedNetGalley helps readers discover and recommend new books to new audiences. Since 2013, I am a grateful member of NetGalley.

The Kindle app let's you read across tablets, computers, or smart phone devices and keeps your library and notes synced. Keeps you sane.