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Fast Start — Want Innovation? Diversify Thinking

Fast Start, conversationFast Start conversation:  Innovation really is more about style than substance.

By now, diversity has to be realized as more than skin deep and more style over substance. In one study on innovation, when tasked to put innovative teams together it also reveals innovation is beyond the functional diversity of a team too.

In Want Innovation? Diversity Thinking points to manage diversity to manage innovation. The pool of team member’s cognitive styles appear to influence team innovation above and beyond the functional variety represented by the team.

Holistic, connective thinkers improve team innovation.

To magnify a diverse group of cognitive styles, the author, Corinne Post, recommends to:

  • Discourage logical, sequential routines;
  • De-emphasize preciseness and exactness; and
  • Move from existing, logical ways to problem solve

Improve innovation when you improve style points:  cognitive style.

So, how diverse was your last brain storming session?

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