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Fistful of beans 05/04/2011

Four things I’ve seen, read, or thought might seed results:

1. How Genius Works — The Atlantic

Great art or innovation begins with an idea. Sometimes the idea is vague or even simply a bad idea. In this brief, The Atlantic looks into 17 of America’s foremost artists to discuss and find out about how genius comes through in their drafts.

Paul Simon, Tim Burton, Bonnie Fisher, Frank Gehry, J Mays, Kate Mulleavy, and others across a wide berth of inventive disciplines may very well inspire us to realize genius has not short cut.

2. Innovation by HR — Human Resource Executive Online

HR executives may not even be leveraging their HR expertise to really help drive innovation and growth.

Though many in HR say they play a significant role to foster innovation at their organizations, since a large majority also report that performance evaluation for HR leaders wasn’t based, in any way, on the ability to foster innovation how can they tell?

3. The science of science — The Economist

Albert Einstein’s original paper on special relativity had no references at all; even though it drew heavily on previous work.

Despite academia’s pretensions to objectivity, academia is as subject to political considerations as any organizational effort. Many authors cite colleagues, bosses, and mentors out of courtesy rather than that such citations are strictly required. Rarely, an author may under cite.

What is the Blei-Gerrish method and how have they found a method that may take science closer to a true ebb and flow of scientific ideas and offer a more scientific approach to science? Well, a machine may be the answer. Read on skeptic, read on…

4. Getting Creative to Boost Retention — Talent Management Magazine

To reward and keep top talent means to create internal opportunities for employees to take on high-profile projects that gain them the spotlight.

Creating opportunities for newer or younger employees to work on projects with senior talent facilitates knowledge transfer and boosts retention rates by making younger generations feel invested in the company.

Boy, not only hiring, but creating a boost for your firm’s retention strategies, it is a bottom line opportunity.

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