Toby Elwin, Benny Hill, Fortune 500, impact assessment, template, stakeholder, SharePoint

Top 10 blog posts for 2014, 5 to 1

Top blog, 2014, 5 to 1, Toby Elwin, Benny Hill, Fortune 500, impact assessment, template, stakeholder, SharePoint

Captains of industry celebrate the status quo

Top blog posts from 2014, from number 5 to number 1, a follow-up from Top 10 blog posts for 2014, 10 to 6

5. The cost of culture, a 50% turnover of the Fortune 500 —

Technology drives change within the company, digital drives the way customers chose our company product or service.  These two force change faster and greater impact is that size is not an advantage:  this morning’s blue chip is this afternoon’s Goodbye Mr. Chips.

Change was always with us, but not always the warp speed it is today.

4. Change management bottom up or top —

So often, so many believe that organization change must come from the top. However, only when the majority holds does the power to believe in the change does change management survive the select top down fantasy.

Change management only, truly, succeeds when the majority adopt and utilize the change approach. If, in 2014, you learn nothing new, you certainly saw an example that at a company like Demoulas business change can come from the employee masses.

3. Impact Analysis — project management SharePoint template —

SharePoint is a fantastic concept for, once again, successful change management.  Use of technology to create community and enable just-in-time learning allows people to share and discover change in their view.

An impact analysis allows projects to start with the proper awareness of how change will impact people, process, and technology.  Using a community model allows the project to take in all stakeholder need for project change.

2. Scope or: how to manage projects for organization success; stakeholder analysis template —

Seems a trend has emerged in this 2014, 5 to 1 blog list:

  1. Change management,
  2. Change management, and
  3. Managing change

This post looks at a project from the organization view of stakeholders:  those with and against the current state remaining as is.  Every project disrupts current standards, jobs, roles, budgets, and … power.  Gaining insight of the project need within and outside a company allows a project to project options.

1. Scope or: how to manage projects for organization success; impact analysis template —

Scope, I talk about scope as if it is fixed, I have since learned to embrace scope as it unfolds.  Classic project management methods that rely on iterative release rely on many of the same as incremental release:  waterfall or Lean.

The role of a project:

  1. create something new or
  2. improve something

To get a sense of what will change, an impact assessment is the start of awareness for who to engage in the change.  The objective is a better business case of what to stop, what to start, and what to continue.  Whether Lean or classic project management a good sense of risk is good sense.

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