In review: Quality communication in social media

December 2010 in review.  A roundup of blogs from the previous month:

Quality communication in social media (guest blog) —

Helping doctoral students design quantitative research studies as well as analyzing and interpreting data dissertations occurred to me that some aspects of a doctoral dissertation could be applied to social media communications to make information and conversations more rigorous and tractable.  When a problem can be discussed from a quantitative perspective, why not discuss it in a format like a miniature dissertation?

Recap:  Emotional Intelligence

There is something more to knowledge.  Something more than being a valedictorian to get along and to succeed.  This something includes self-awareness and relationship awareness.  Is emotional intelligence (EI) more important than IQ?  Here are a series of blogs and sources I’ve written on EI  and the importance of how people, organizations, and cultures succeed or fail.

The 2 most important learning metrics

To gain more executive-level interest CEOs want metrics.  So, what are we reporting and what are the metrics that are really valued?  One survey reveals only 22% of CEOs said had a organization learning scorecard or see one, of those, only 1 CEO indicated they were pleased with the current scorecard.  What a great opportunity to become more valued.

Fistful of beans 12/15/2010

A fistful of thoughts from talent management, the automobile industry, innovation, non-profit management, and those key phrases that set up lies.

Fistful of beans 12/22/2010

A fistful of thoughts on if mergers drive revenue growth, the debate on advertising versus social media, becoming a change agent, and group IQ.

The pain with change

Change is pain.  Hard work.  Fraught with failure.  So, why do we bother?  Because change is constant around us and those organizations, teams, and people who manage change, manage success.  There is a strong alternative to the pain approach to change.

Fistful of beans 12/29/2010

A fistful of thoughts on increasing knowledge velocity, the CFO as a business partner, the faces of social media making impact, the resistance of the medical community to change, and the merit of making candidates a low-ball offer.

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