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Start-up Nation by the book

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People make up organizations, business needs people to succeed if they are to succeed. The focus for change is how the individual relates to intentional change needed.

Do organizations have a culture? Yes. Organizations have a set of qualities, as do departments and business units. Culture can also reveal competing values in battle for success and failure.

So what?

Well, when you get a view of culture through communication style, archetype, and symbols about “the way things are done”, levers for change are more clear.

I read about Start-Up Nation in a recent Wall Street Journal end-of-year reading list.

In Hungary I worked on foreign direct investment and technology transfer. I had moved from two years in China and in my company worked with Israeli citizens.

Start-up Notion

Israel has unique characteristics that help it excel in the field of high technology, as the book posits. If start-up companies have unique culture from other, bigger, more mature companies, a start-up nation must lend an overwhelming culture.

Some of the building bricks to the “way things are done” in Israel include:

  1. Religious blend,
  2. Proximity,
  3. Circumstance,
  4. Conscription,
  5. Volunteerism,
  6. Geography, and
  7. Language

All Israelis are not the same, but if each of the seven, qualities each have a normal distribution from fanatic, off to one extreme of the normal distribution, to indifferent, off at the other extreme, they combine to create a general disposition.

Is conscription a competitive advantage?

No, not by itself, but I am intrigued by the book.

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