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Fast Start — The Importance of Agility

Toby Elwin, blog, Fast Start, Importance of Agility

Try this without agility? That’s crazy.

Fast Start conversation:  People who operate and respond in an ambiguous environment today provide the greatest organization, comparative advantage.

The competency to thrive is agility and this agility skill, more than at any other time in organization history, differentiates those getting better from those getting worse.

When put in an unfamiliar situation, people with agility are not stumped.  They do not fall apart.  People who are agile are ones willing and eager to learn new things.  This learning agility differentiates the successful and the unsuccessful and within Human Resources Executive’s article, The Importance of Agility, agility as a competence is the in focus.

Those committed to life-long learning are no longer leading by example and being an Agile learner usurps that.  We tend to hear of Agile project management, but what of Agile self-development?  Agile learning agility has five key elements:

  1. Self-awareness,
  2. Mental agility,
  3. People agility,
  4. Change agility, and
  5. Results agility

How agile is your leadership?

How agile are you?

What is agility … and what is not agility?


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